Monthly Archives: September 2011

Student “teachers”!


Student “teachers” explained to small groups how to attack this complicated story problem:

Sheila had 20 coins. 2/5 of the coins were dimes. 1/4 of the coins were quarters. 3/10 of the coins were nickels. The rest of the coins were pennies. How many of each coin did Sheila have? How much money did Sheila have all together?

Helping one another!



Weekly focus:

Mrs. Adamowicz’s Math Group:

multiplication and division

introduce and begin to investigate positive and negative numbers

Mrs. Adamowicz’s Reading Group:

Unit One Review (test will be given on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday):

Word Study: prefixes, suffixes, compound words, homonyms, alphabetical order

Phonics: short vowels; plurals; adding endings: -ed, -ing, -er, -est; vowel pairs: ai, ay, ee, ea, ou, ow, oi, oy

Comprehension: fantasy vs. reality; character and setting; sequencing

Homework tonight: Complete character description on Saruni from My Rows and Piles of Coins. Example of a character description pictured below.

Character description on Chester from the story Chester's Way, by Kevin Henkes. The students wrote the description together.

Preservice teacher small group lesson topics:

Measurement: Weight, Volume, Capacity

Reference Materials: Dictionary, Atlas, Phone Directory, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia