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Turkey Persuasion



Great American Smokeout


Written by Helen


Do you smoke cigarettes, tabacco, or a pipe?

Do you have a mind that is addicted to nickatene?

Stop smoking now! For smokeout day, hundreds of people are not smoking for today- smokeout day! If you stop smoking today, maybe one day will turn into weeks, months, years, decades, and, eventually, the rest of your life! Today will increase your chances of being smoke, cancer, and nickatene free for your whole life!

( Man): “Smoking was ruining my life. One day, November 17, I decided to stop smoking for 1 day…. and that day has changed my life for the better! I haven’t smoked since!”

Stop smoking now at! Try it today! Also, most importantly, don’t even start smoking! Thank you!

90 minutes of reading can be FUN!


We used the iPads throughout our 90-minute reading block. First, we recorded each other reading a passage. We viewed the videos with our partners to evaluate our reading.

  • Am I reading fluently and with inflection?
  • Am I pausing at periods?
  • Do questions sound like questions?
  • Do exclamations sound like exclamations?

After a quick mini-lesson, we identified the reasons the authors wrote the passages. (Author’s Purpose)

Next, we created interview questions for our partners. We used the iPads to interview our partners. Finally, we viewed the interview videos. We practiced using singular possessive nouns by adding “apostrophe (‘) s” when we recorded the responses.

On top of all that, we managed to take our spelling test!

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