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The Owl Press – March 2012


Fourth and Fifth Grade Invention Convention 

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Katie D.
Tennis Ball Launcher:
One Day, I was playing ball with my dog Moose. He loves to chase tennis balls but my arms can ge really tired from throwing them. I decided to build a product that could shoot a tennis ball up into the air so Moose would have to run quite a bit to get it.

The Dipper
Delaney P.
Problem: My fingers get sticky whenever I dip my carrots into my ranch or cookies into my milk. Solution: First, clip your food treat into the clamp. Then, release the brake behind the car. This will dip your treat into the bowl. Last, pull the car forwardand replace the brake. Unclamp your treat and enjoy!

Mia M.
Problem: There are a lot of kids who have lots of chores. I made an invention to help them do their chores.
Solution: If your job is cleaning the floor, take any old shoes or gloves and glue sponges to them with super glue so they stay well.

Cole C.
Toothbrush Disenfector
Problem: A lot of germy toothbrushes…. eww!
Solution: Get a tube connecting to your toothbrush. Then put mouthwash through the tube so the toothbrush gets cleaned.

Cathrine D.
Unique Dog Shower
Problem: Bathing dogs. Ugh!
Solution: Attach a hose to a PVC pipe and make a cage with it. The water bursts from the pipe holesonto your dog. The cage can be customized for sizes.

Young, Multi-Media Writers are Born

As always, our class is making Young Author’s stories. But this time, we are creating multi-media stories with the help of Ball State journalism teachers!

We are still writing our stories, but are transforming them at school into technological ones! Our students will be able to browse an online library full of our Young Author’s stories. These books can contain videos, sound effects, slideshows, photographs, and illustrations, plus links to websites and lists of informational books!

These journalism teachers are coming in to our classroom from time to time and are helping us create our stories and come up with ideas. Using our new classroom technology, Ball State journalism teachers are opening Burris’ eyes to a whole new world of multi-media!

When our college teachers visit, they show examples of these techy stories, give students brainstorming sheets, and discuss what they want to do with their stories. We are very lucky to have these journalism teachers with us. Thank you, Ball State journalism teachers!

Myths: Do You Believe? 

The tale of the leprechaun has been told a lot, but in different ways. The original myth is that the leprechaun will pinch you if you don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. What do you think the leprechaun does, and do you believe? Read on to find out what our classmates think!

“I think he pinches you. I don’t believe in leprechauns, but my old teacher did! Whenever we lost something, he’d say that a leprechaun got it!” – Katie

“I don’t believe in leprechauns. I think it’s just a myth.” – Mikey

“Yes, I believe in leprechauns. I think that because they’re always trying to make people lose stuff. The leprechaun steals your stuff, and that’s why you lose stuff.” – Pip

“Yes, I think leprechauns are real. I believe because I just like myths.” – Hannah

” I sort of believe in Leprechauns. Sometimes I think they’re real, sometimes I think they’re not.” – A.J.

So, what do you think? Tell some friends or a family member!

Best Football Coach Ever! 
by Annie E.

A.J. L.’s dad is the caoch for our Ball State University football team. “My favorite part about being the son of a famous football coach would have to be being in a lot of magizines and newspapers,”says young son of football coach, A.J. L.
He also says that the traveling is fun. But sometimes coach L. leaves during school and A.J. misses him.” But it feels like he is still with me,”says A.J. And he misses A.J. also.
A.J. loves being with his dad and cheering for his team. Also A.J. is on his way by playing football every day! He is sure to follow in his father’s footsteps!

Book Reviews
by Maddy

Third graders in this classroom read a lot of books. Here is my review on a few of them.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is funny and entertaining. It has some things that real kids can relate to which is good in a book. Plus, there are six books so kids will have a whole lot to read. In my opinion this is a great kid book series.
I rate this book a whole five stars!

Harry Potter
Harry Potter is about a boy who is a wizard. He goes on magical adventures that a lot of children enjoy!  It isn’t very scary as long as you like adventures!
I rate this book five stars, too!

What Do You Like About Mrs. Adamowicz?

In our last eddition, we talked about what Mrs. Adamowicz, our teacher, liked about Burris. This time, we’re asking you! This is what our class likes about Mrs. Adamowicz!

“Mrs. Adamowicz is very nice. She gives us rewards, like the stickers that go on our sticker charts. She lets us create our own party using committees.” – Katie N.

“Mrs. Adamowicz is kind because she gives us generous amounts of recess time.” – Olivia C.

“Mrs. Adamowicz is respectful because she says kind things.” – Brenton S.

“I like Mrs. Adamowicz because she is fun. I think that because she has us make fun crafts and parties.” – Hannah H.

Thanks for all the praise for Mrs. Adamowicz! Enjoy!