Summer is the time to swim!



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Welcome to our classroom! Take a peek inside to see how we are developing our minds! We are a 3rd grade class at Burris Laboratory School on the Ball State University campus. Monday, August 15, 2011 unveils a 1:1 iPad initiative in our elementary school. We have the opportunity to influence, not only what our own population of students know about technology, but also what thousands of future teachers know about technology use in the classroom. In addition to our wonderful K-12 students, each year over 850 pre-service teachers participate, observe, teach, and learn in our classrooms. Join us on our journey!

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  1. I am not neccesarily a swimmer, I mean I
    like to swim, but I am not on a swim team. I can
    do a lot of the strokes, some of them better than
    others. I like to swim laps and I can dive down
    12 feet.
    I go to a swimming pool called The Catalina
    Pool. It is fun because all of my friends go there.
    A lot of people go there. There is a Jr. pool, a
    baby pool, a deep pool, lanes, and a diving
    well. There is also a snack bar.
    They have a slide and a diving board. I
    love the slide! It is a little scary the first time,
    like the diving board.

    -Annie 😉

  2. Pools are fun!
    The pool I go to is Catilina.
    I am on the Catilina swim team.
    It is really fun.
    Catilina has a slide and a diving board that is really tall.
    Also the signature name for Catilina is Gators.

    I do not need to take swim lessons.
    Why I don’t need to take swim lessons is because I already know how to swim.
    I learned how to swim when I was in preschool.
    Where I learned to swim was Wee Wisdom.
    Wee Wisdom is a daycare.
    I would take swim lessons everyday there in the morning.

    Your friend,
    Hannah 🙂

  3. May 23, 2012
    Dear Blog,

    Do you even have to ask me if I like to swim? Of you do you are going crazy, because the answer is always a million times Y-E-S spells YES with a capitol YES! I don’t even care if I were swimming with man-eating sharks, I would enjoy it! Well, maybe it’s me that is going crazy. The only reason is I can’t wait for this weekend is because our pool is opening! Ya!!! We are going to live at the pool, Catalina this weekend!
    Catalina is the best pool ever! I love it more then I love cheese and I love Cheese a lot. For true and absolute positive. I have been at Catalina for my whole life. I’m not kinding. You might not know this, but my birthday is in early May, and Catalina opens in late May. So, the story is after I was born my family changed pools and I have been at Catalina for my whole life.
    Madge (Maddy) 🙂

    • P.S.
      If you read tweets, the one with the math haunted house was the green table’s idea. The people in the green table are Maddy, Mikey, Olivia, and Ria.

  4. I’m an absolute Catalina Pool fan! I go there pretty much everyday, unless it’s closed or there’s a swim meet practice or something. Catalina is awesome! I like it because it’s within biking distance of my house, it has lots of activities, a snack bar, friends, and competitive four square. If you think Burris’ four square is hard, try Catalina.
    So, about all the activities they have there. There is a sand filled playground, tether ball, volleyball, you can talk with friends, you can swing on a big swing they have, or sit at the pool’s edge during restbreak. And, obviously, there’s swimming.
    Catalina is a big pool as well. They have many pools- my family divided them into sections with names. The seriously deep end we call the diving well- it has a diving well and a huge blue slide. There is a baby pool, a junior pool for 5-6 year olds, a shallow end of the biggest pool where it’s for all ages, and the deep end where older kids and younger kids swim. And, of course, the lap lanes.
    Now to the snack bar. They have delicious food! Now, you might be thinking that it’s all just the greasy nachos and stuff, but it’s not. They have cookies, pizza, all types of ice cream and frozen things, soft pretzels, and other foods.
    Catalina is an extremely central place for everyone who swims a lot and lives in Muncie. It’s notbas popular with people from Yorktown because of the long drive, (I’m guessing) but families from Yorktown sometimes are there. Kids from Burris and Storer are most common to be ther though.
    The pool I go to, I think, is a very helpful place with aquatics. They have a swim team, individual lessons, and fun days with contests that give little prizes, like money, toys, things like that.
    The Catalina Pool is a very nice one. It s fun to go to. I encourage people who love to swim and have fun with friends and family to join and become a member!

    – Helen B.

  5. Dear Mrs.Adamowicz,
    I swim at the Ball State Pool. It is very fun there, because the people that work there have a really big ball and it is red. They also have about three beach balls. I play volleyball with Hailey in the other class with the beach balls.
    I learned how to swim when I was in preschool. My preschool was called Wee Wisdom. It was my daycare I would take swimming lessons everyday I was there at preschool.
    Now I know how to swim very well. I love swimming!
    Your friend,

  6. I like to swim in the ocean. I also like to swim
    in the pool. What I like to do is scan the bottom
    of the pool.

    I learned to swim in the Ball Gym. My coaches name
    is Nick. It is fun to swim. My favorite stroke is free style.

    I am not signing up for any pool this year. I’m not because
    I am going away a lot. But I will still swim in the ocean.

    Your friend,

  7. I like to swim in New Castle. It is just a couple miles south. The pool I go to there is Baker’s pool. The reason I like to swim there is because they have two HUGE slides. One is blue and has a cover, and the other one is yellow and it has no top. The highest depth of the pool is 12 feet! It is very deep.
    I would swim everyday if I could! My favorite place to swim is a pool because pools aren’t muddy like lakes. I would say an ocean is my favorite because of the looks of it but I want to be sure about it before I say it’s my favorite place to swim.

    Your Friend,
    Mikey 😉

    P.S. Green table thought of the haunted house idea! Me, Maddy,Ria,Olivia look to your right in the tweets and it’s at the top.

  8. The best place that I like to swim at, haft to swim at is my house.
    I like to swim at my house becuase its free plouse I got a diving bord.
    I don’t like going to other pools because other people that could be sick, and people somtimes
    spit in the pool. The good thing obout my pool is there can be big parties there, friends birthday parties, and its all free. If you think the water is to cold the go in my hot tob you can make it
    to 90 to 100 degrees. My dad and I always cleen it at nighte time, and the neck day. My pool is 3 feet to 10 feet. Its not a over ground pool its a under ground pool so you don’t haft to clime a later to go in it. If it is a hot day, and you can’ t take it just come right over we will let you go in for free no meber ships just free. Plus at night time I go in it becuase I got lights in it, and other plases don’t let you swim at night time.

    Your friend
    Grant 😉

  9. Swimming…. Well, I like to swim but it isn’t my favorite thing to do. I know how to swim, but I haven’t advanced it. I love swimming in pools in hotels, though. That’s why I can’t wait for the weekend… I’m going to Atlanta and staying at a hotel and going in the pool!!
    I also LOVE swimming in water parks…. (mainly because of the water slides!!! Especially ‘The Raft’ in Great Wolf Logde, an indoor watermark in Ohio. it’s awes- okay, don’t get me started…) But in water parks, it’s so fun because of the water slides and also because of the pools. I also like wave pools. Thins winter, I went on Norwegian Epic, and it was epic! The best thing about it is there was some awesome slides. Once we got in the middle of the ocean on it, the ship was rocking so much; so much that the pool turned into a wave pool!
    Next year, all I’m going to be doing is swimming. Well, first, I’ll be doing swimming lessons daily. Then, I’ll be doing school swimming on fridays. I’m going to be swimming every day because of that! Also, I don’t have any pool memberships, but this summer, I’ll be getting a NASA membership.
    I like swimming in the ocean, too. It’s fun making sand castles and going in the water. At first the water is cold, but once your in the ocean for a while, it gets warmer. Well, that’s all for swimming!
    P.S. Nibiti Power
    P.P.S. Frome one of the persons who mad eup the math haunted house 🙂

  10. Dear Blog,
    I would like to swim. But I can’t I need swimming lessons. It will be great if I can. I will mabey this summer.
    So I would like swimming. Lessons but I can’t for June because I have summer school. 😦 But in July I can.
    This summer I am going to learn. Because my pool is up. My mom is going to teach me. I’m so excited! Anyway i’m going to enjoy my sumer.

    Your friend

  11. Dear Mrs. Adamowicz,
    Swimming is relaxing and fun because when school is out, I get to have lots of FUN!!
    I like to swim because to me, it feels like my type of exercise. I like to swim because after a long school year, I get to swim, which is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. I like to swim because I get entertained when I go swimming. My favorite place to swim is Tuhey Park because it has a waterslide next to the pool. I like swimming at Tuhey Park because when I go to Tuhey Park, I can see how much fun other people are having. My favorite place to swim is Tuhey Park because what is cool about Tuhey Park is that it is close to my community. One of my favorite stunts to do in pools is diving because when I dive into a pool, I realize that the stunt I did was fun. Another one of my favorite stunts to do in pools is a triple-corkscrew because when I do that stunt, it makes me go upside-down and right-side-up. Also, another one of my favorite stunts is a cannonball because when I jump into a pool that way, it sends me to the shallow end or deep end depending where I jump.
    Your friend,

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