We can keep learning during summer break!



About Mrs. Adamowicz's Owls

Welcome to our classroom! Take a peek inside to see how we are developing our minds! We are a 3rd grade class at Burris Laboratory School on the Ball State University campus. Monday, August 15, 2011 unveils a 1:1 iPad initiative in our elementary school. We have the opportunity to influence, not only what our own population of students know about technology, but also what thousands of future teachers know about technology use in the classroom. In addition to our wonderful K-12 students, each year over 850 pre-service teachers participate, observe, teach, and learn in our classrooms. Join us on our journey!

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  1. Dear Blog,

    Who says summer isn’t a time for learning? I can understand why people might not want to learn, but what they don’t realize is that you learn even when you aren’t meaning to. Here are some ways that I learn during the summer.
    When I go to the pool, I swim laps sometimes, and when I do that I count how many laps I do and I turn them into miles. Let’s say (this probably isn’t true) that 16 laps is one mile. I might swim 32 laps and I would turn that into 2 miles.
    When I go to Tennessee for the fourth of July, I jump on the trampoline and let’s say I jumped on it 5 times one day, I might have jumped 346, 679, 890, 168, and 478 times. I would add them to gether and see how many times I jumped each day.
    -Maddy 🙂

  2. How I am going to keep learning over the summer is to join a summer reading program.
    Why I would want to be in a summer reading program would be because I would like to read during the summer. Also last year I did a summer reading program.It was really fun so that is also why I want to do a summer reading program.

    What else am I going to do this summer?
    I am going to count how many steps I take.
    How and why I am going to count what ever I do is because so I can keep track.
    How I am going to count what ever I do is going to be to put on something that measures how far you walk. That is how I am going to count every time I walk. And also after I’m done with the day I will add up the miles.

    Now the third thing that I would do this summer.
    I would pratice my math facts.
    Why I would pratice my math facts would be because so I know them for forth grade.
    Also why I would learn them would be because I could do math faster.
    That is why I would pratice my math facts over the summer.

    Your friend,
    Hannah 🙂

  3. I love school and I love summer! What’s
    that? You can still learn during summer?
    You can make a schedule for your parents.
    Like when you need to wake up and get to
    the airport, so you do not miss your flight. If
    you missed your flight that would be bad. So
    you should list when to wake up, when to get
    in the car, when to arrive at the airport, and
    all that stuff.
    RESPONSIBILITY! Responsibility! It is good
    for school and vacation. Like in school you
    need to bring home work to school. So for the
    vaction that you are going on you should pack
    your suit case with the stuff you need.

    -Annie 😉

  4. I can honestly say that I don’t really want to keep learning things that we learned in school in the summer. But, if it’s fun, then I’m okay with it. Like reading, for instance. Writing is educational, too. Those are all ways to learn in the summer that are fun. Using vocabulary and creative skills, I guess.
    Anyway, math is probably the most educational thing that we learn in school. So, you could use flashcards, or make up fun ways to use addition, subtraction, multiplecation, and division. For example, you could swim laps and count how many you did each day, or count the amounts of money you have each day in computer games and and apps. Fun things like that.
    Then, there are lessons and recreational things. Whether it’s tennis, swimming, or a book club, it just might benefit your education, or help you with different skills while having fun! There are many camps at Burris, the YMCA, or Minnetrista. But, if you don’t want to be educated in the Summer, then feel free.

    – Helen B. 🙂

  5. One thing that you can do to keep
    learning is do the pages that you
    didn’t do in your workbook. I am going to
    bring my work book on trips so I have
    something to do. I’m still learning.

    Another thing that I can do is see
    how much the gas is and then see
    how many gallons the car needs.
    Then I find how much my mom spent.
    That’s cool!!

    I am going to bring books on trips.
    Then when I get bored I have something
    to do.That’s what I’m going to do.

    Your friend,

  6. Whenever it is summer break, I like to finish spelling pages from the spelling book in second grade. I go to my grandma’s house and my cousins and I play school so I bring old work book pages. One of my cousins would be the teacher.
    Another thing I would do is take cello lessons.(Sorry if said I wasn’t doing strings next year). I so want to play cello. You sit down all the time and then your legs aren’t tired.
    Then l would do summer school so then I could see Mrs. Adamowicz again. Then I could learn even more. How cool!
    Katie 😉

  7. On summer break I would not mind to learn some more. So to keep learning during summer break I would like to attend some kind of book club or somthing like that at a library. The reason that I would like to attend that is because sometimes I would actually like to read in a group like some people read the same story as me. Than if we all had the same story than we could talk about it and that’s fun and learning.
    I also like to take home my reading book or my math book and complete all the pages that I have not done. When I do that I always like to have some paper at the side just In case I need it. The reason I like that is because I it helps me with math and problem solving too.
    I also like to write letters to people and I also like to just to write what I’m going to do like swim or go to a friends house. I do this because I kind of need to work on my handwriting because I think it’s a little sloppy sometimes not all the time though.
    Your friend,
    Mikey 🙂
    P.S. Nibiti

  8. A lot of people learn and learn and learn, but they don’t know it! And why do people think that you’re not SUPPOSED to learn during the summer? Even though summer is the time your free from school, eating popsicles and going on vacation, who says that your not supposed to learn? Well, I love to learn; from math to swimming lessons, I like learning! Here are some ways I use to learn during the summer:
    All year long; even in the summer, my parents give me twenty-five cents for each chore I do. I have to shred papers, fill up the pitchers with water, and other things. I log the money I get each night so I know how much money I have. When I feel like I’ve done enough chores, I add up all my money, and that’s my money!
    I also go to running club. In running club, we run and we get this sheet to log our miles. We don’t have to log our miles just for the running club miles that we get each meet; we can run on tracks or other places any day of the week and log it. We get awards and medals which encourages us to run. So, with my log, I add up all my miles, and that’s when I learn!
    -Ria 🙂
    P.S. Nibiti

  9. What I will do to learn for sumer break is…
    I will do my flash cards, throw the football to multiply all pases I
    do, and math games that are super fun.
    I will work on my flash cards to know all of them going to
    12’s. I am only on my times 6’s. I will throw the football a certain amount. Then
    I will multiply the amount of football throws I did with another number. Finaly I will
    find a fun game on the blog, or on my ipad at home. That’s the way I will stay smart over summer
    Your friend,

  10. This summer I am doing summer school. I wonder what it is? I’m so excited! :] Anyway I know it is my first time. I know I’m going to like it. But untell the 6 and 30 of july it is going to be new for me. That’s one thing im going to do for the summer.
    Another thing I am going to swim a the beach. Now I know how to swim. But it is exciteing that I am going on vacation. Also I will do my math to show how much I can swim.
    Im happy that I can do things outside of school. Like math and swimming. But summer school,Reading. I can do that stuff.

    Your friend,

  11. Summer Learning Strategies

    Learning during summer is a great idea.
    Here are some examples.

    Minnetrista camps:
    They have Casey’s Clubhouse where you can learn about nature.
    They also have a camp about explosions.
    (I happen to be doing the explosion camp)

    Educational Apps:
    My dad has a iphone and I have allready have some educational apps on there.
    But my favorite educational app is BrainPOP.

    I know it sounds crazy.
    But there are a lot of programs that have educational value.
    Like the Discovery Channel.


  12. Dear Mrs. Adamowicz,
    Learning is FUN! Especially when you are learning over the summer!
    My 1st favorite way to learn over the summer is thinking about ways to use math because math is educational, and I’d like to learn all of the methods to do math. I like to think about ways to do math because math is also tough, and I can think of ways to make math easy. I also like to think about ways to do math because if I needed a schedule, math would help me figure out the things that go in order.
    My 2nd favorite way to learn over the summer is educational apps because I like to use a computer, like an iPad, to learn instead of peoples’ words to learn other subjects. I like to learn other subjects by using educational apps on my iPad because sometimes I like to learn other methods for math on my iPad. I also like to do educational apps to learn other subjects because subjects like math and reading refresh my mind for learning anything.
    My 3rd favorite way to learn over the summer is summer school because school can be fun in the summer too. I like to do summer school because when I’m not doing other fun stuff, like swimming or going to a birthday party, I think to myself, “I need to learn for a couple of minutes.” I also like to do summer school because I think of it as fun.
    Your friend,

  13. Dear Mrs.Adamowicz,
    There are a lot of ways you can keep learning in the summer.My first way to do something educational in the summer is to practice math in the workbook from Mrs.Gullf. It has all the things that we learned this year in the workbook.
    I am goin to the libray program.With my mom and my brother.
    Or we are going to read at home for ten minutes.Every day but not for the hole summer I know that for sure of that.And I will take home my cursive and practice book.So I can know my cursive.
    And mabey when I am done I could write a story in cursive I bet my cursive is neat.

    Your Friend,
    Brenton 🙂

  14. Dear Mrs.Adamowicz,
    There are a lot of ways to keep learning in the summer.
    You can bring home your math and reading workbooks to finish the page that you did not do in class or that you did not finish. You can finish one page a day. It would be good to do some math and reading work so you will stay really smart.
    You can also join a reading program or read at home by yourself. You can read with someone at your house to. It would be good practice over the summer.
    You could take home your cursive hand writingbook to keep your cursive well you can practiceall your letters and your numbers.
    Your friend,
    Lexi 🙂

  15. There are many ways to keep lerning of the summer
    and one of them is to read.If you have read all of your
    books at home or you want to do it you can join a book
    club.I am already doing a book club with he libary.You
    could also right some books on a plain peace of paper
    on he computuher to practice your witing skeles.To work
    on your math skales you could get a math jurnel and get
    your mom to give you some math probloms so you can
    solve them.


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