Goodbye, Third Grade!



About Mrs. Adamowicz's Owls

Welcome to our classroom! Take a peek inside to see how we are developing our minds! We are a 3rd grade class at Burris Laboratory School on the Ball State University campus. Monday, August 15, 2011 unveils a 1:1 iPad initiative in our elementary school. We have the opportunity to influence, not only what our own population of students know about technology, but also what thousands of future teachers know about technology use in the classroom. In addition to our wonderful K-12 students, each year over 850 pre-service teachers participate, observe, teach, and learn in our classrooms. Join us on our journey!

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  1. The Dog picnic was awsome!! There was a
    police dog that came and the owner talked about
    it. Classmates brought and showed their

    This year we met Dennis Tyler at city hall.
    I got his auto graph there.We went all around
    city hall.

    This year we made multi-media stories.We
    have made young author stories in the
    past but these were on are iPads.Mine was
    about Winston Churchill.

    Your friend,

  2. Third grade was a great year! My third grade was the best year and really I don’t want to leave third grade. Well my first memory is literature circles. Many of us read 7-9 fairly long chapter books and I thought that they were all great stories. My favorite story in literature circles was Blast To The Past it was a book about some kids came back to 1965 and saw Dr. Martin Luther King. They even saved him from being shot.
    This was also the first year that we have the iPad’s involved with elementary school at Burris. This is a great thing that we have iPad’s here because they have thousands of educational apps that you can download and there really fun. If we didn’t get the grant than we wouldn’t have the iPads here at this school.
    The Multi- Media stories were also a big success during the school year. The reason they were a success is because K-5 have been working on these stories since the beginning of the second semester. The idea was an awesome because the stories came out very nice.

    Your Friend,
    Mikey 🙂

  3. Dear Blog,

    Honestly, I don’t want to leave third grade 😦 , but looking back, we did do tons of fun things this year!
    Here are some of them!

    One thing Helen, Ria, Annie, and I did was the classroom newspaper! The classroom newspaper was a great way for parents and other teachers to see what is going on in our classroom. You also included educational activities and more! By the way, I would like to thank Helen, Ria, Annie, and Mrs. Adamowicz for their encouragement and deteacation! Thanks guys!

    Another thing we did was we learned and stretched our minds in my favorite subject. (Math) We did a lot more then just 2+2=4. We went all the way to and passed 10^3+100=1,100. As you can see, Mrs. Adamowicz’s math class has done so much to me and my classmates.

    Another thing we did was we got the iPad 2s. They were definitely amazing. They are good for educational reasons. They have educational games that teach you that learning can be a whole lot of fun! It can! I have done it before and I think learning is very fun!

    Your almost fourth grader,

  4. The year went by so quick! There are
    so many memories! Like…
    …the newspaper. There was an online
    newspaper on the blog. It was so much
    fun to make! I wrote an article and the
    “Kids Corner”. The article that I wrote
    was “Best Football Coach Ever!”. It was
    about A.J. L. ‘s dad.
    …the student – planned parties. This
    year the students planned the parties.
    We had 5 comitees, snack, drink, craft,
    goodie bags, and game.
    …the dog picnic. It was so cool! I
    brought my dog Keli.

    -Annie 😉

  5. Dear Blog,

    Pizza Party:
    One thing we did was have a IREAD pizza party.
    The pizza party was for IREAD because we all passed.
    We passed very well!

    University Singers:
    There’s so much to tell!
    Their voices a were so beautiful.
    Plus their choices of songs were awesome!

    This year we got ipads.
    Don’t let the ipads fool you!
    They have alot of educational value.
    Like………educational apps.

    Young Authors:
    Last but not least we had Young Authors.
    This year we were able to use the ipads to make our Young Authors into multi-media projects.
    Pretty cool right?

    -Cassidy 🙂

    • Well written Cassidy! I like how you organized your summary of 3rd grade. Can you believe there is only one more day of school? It was an awesome year at Burris right? HAVE A GREAT LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!
      Mom 🙂

  6. I think 3rd grade was one of the best years I’ve had! Thanks to a great teacher, great friends, and a great school, it was a fun year. One of my memories is creating our reasearch projects: Midwest lakes, states, and rivers, Orchid projects, and dog reasearching. I got a Siberian Husky and Lake Huron, as well as the orchid flower like everyone else.
    Then there is Literature Circles. I had a good time reading the stories, choosing them, making book reports, and presenting projects. It was a group that really boosted our comprehension.
    Also, we took a lot of field trips. Such as seeing the University Singers, going to the City Hall, and the BSU greenhouse. Third grade has been really, really exciting. We’ll miss you, Mrs. Adamowicz!

    – Helen B. 🙂

  7. I agree with many of the posts here. I don’t want third grade to end either… Thank you to Mrs. Adamowicz for making this such a spectacular year… we will miss you!

  8. My fun memoreis in third grade.
    The first memory is the University Singers. The singers
    sang good songs, and sang like the artist did. The feild trip was
    so good I will always remeber it.
    The secend memory is the first time we got iPads. The iPads wrere so much fun,
    and they helped us learn so much more then if we did not have iPads. The first time in secend
    grade when I came to school made me so happy because we herd we will get iPads.
    The third memory is the doggy projects. The doggy projects were so fun because the told us all about a certain dog. The dog gave information that we did not know about the dog.
    Thats the memory that I remember of my dog.

    Your friend,

  9. Dear Blog,
    My fond memories from third grade!
    First, Going to the City Hall is one of my fond memories! It is one of my fond memories because we got to see the mayor! We also saw his assistant!
    Second, this was are first year off I pads! Burris won a grant and bought I pads! They are fun for recess!
    Last, Science club! We made Lego robots! My favorite robot that we made was the drumming monkeys!

    -Olivia 😉

  10. One of my memories from third grade was the research projects. I shared the projects we were doing. They were doggie and midwest projects.
    We went on a field trip to City Hall. The mayor of Muncie, Dennis Tyler, singed our notebooks or hands. He told us about how he likes his job and lots of other things.
    We do student planned parties. We do it for holidays. We did it for Christmas and Valentine’s Day.
    We all passed IREAD! We got a pizza party because we all passed. It was provided by the employees at Burris.
    All K-5 students at burris did multi-media stories. There was some funny and some scary pictures in the stories. I had funny pictures in my story.
    There were some clubs. I did math and chess club. We do double elimination in chess club. In math club we did games and warm up puzzle cards.
    Katie 😉

  11. What am I going to miss about third grade?
    I am going to miss a lot but these are five ways I am going to miss third grade.
    The first way I am going to miss third grade is our reading class.
    We learned a bunch in my reading.
    We learned about conjunctions.
    Also what we learned about was combining words.

    What will I miss too.
    I will miss literature circles.
    Why I will miss literature circles would be because I will miss reading books.
    That is why I will miss literature circles.

    Now here are the memories of third grade.
    The memory that I am going to share is the time we went to city hall.
    We got to see the mayor.
    So that is one memory.

    Here is another memory.
    Multi-Media stories.
    I really liked making our Multi-Media stories.
    Why I really liked making our Multi-Media stories was because I got to make my story come alive.

    Now the last memory from third grade.
    Making all of our projects.
    Some of the projects that we did were about orchids and Midwest states.

    Thank for the memorable year Mrs.Adamowicz!

    Your friend,

  12. Dear Mrs. Adamowicz,
    Having memories are fun!
    My 1st favorite memory are the 1-5 strings concerts because to me, I felt like I accomplished something big. My 1st favorite memory are the 1-5 strings concerts because all of the strings members (even me) showed a big audience how much much music we’ve learned. My 1st favorite memory are also the 1-5 strings concerts when I play my cello with confidence, that makes me feel great. My 2nd favorite memory is going to the University Singers because I like watching entertainment like dancing. My 2nd favorite memory is going to the University Singers because when I see people dancing, I get a crazy feeling inside me. My 2nd favorite memory is also going to the University Singers because the music makes me want to follow with the beat. My 3rd favorite memory was having the pizza party for IREAD because when I accomplished something big (like a test), I usually want to celebrate for that reason. My 3rd favorite memory was having the pizza for IREAD because tests are hard to accomplish for other rewards. My 3rd favorite memory was also having the pizza party for IREAD because celebrating for hard work is FUN!
    Your friend,

  13. Dear Mrs.Adamowicz,
    First I am hoing to share are dog picnic.Frist we ate hot dogs,grapes,and cookies.
    Next we had a visiter come to share about what he does with is poliece dog.
    Last we had our class mates bring there dogs to intorduce there dogs or do trices with there dog.
    In the middle of the school year we went to Emens to see the University singers.
    We have been there twice one in thrid grade and one in second grade.
    They always do a graet job and practes a lot.
    We have this thing called litearature circles its where we pick a book .Then we start reading the book then we have these roll sheats that we should do.Next we discuss about the book you are reading then when where done are word watcher and they share what word they piced with there group.
    All thrid grade past I read thats why we got a pizza party it was so exited.Wr did so well on that test.It was really easy.

    Your Friend,
    Brenton 🙂

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