Goodbye, Third Graders!



About Mrs. Adamowicz's Owls

Welcome to our classroom! Take a peek inside to see how we are developing our minds! We are a 3rd grade class at Burris Laboratory School on the Ball State University campus. Monday, August 15, 2011 unveils a 1:1 iPad initiative in our elementary school. We have the opportunity to influence, not only what our own population of students know about technology, but also what thousands of future teachers know about technology use in the classroom. In addition to our wonderful K-12 students, each year over 850 pre-service teachers participate, observe, teach, and learn in our classrooms. Join us on our journey!

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  1. Dear Class,
    I hope you have a great summer! I
    will miss you so much! We had a great
    2/1 years together.
    Lexi and Brenton, you did a great job
    being our student council representives
    and taking notes. Hannah and Lexi, you
    were awesome Diversity Garden reps.
    You guys did a great job!
    The people who participated in
    strings rocked! I heard some of your
    music and it was so good! Thank you
    Cassidy, Katie, Ryland, Brenton, and
    Pip for making awesome music!

    -Annie 😉

  2. Dear Class,
    This third grade has been great! You all have been so nice to me his year and we’ve all made even more friendships over the year. Thank you so much Brenton and Lexi for being great Student Council representatives for our class. Also thank you Brenton and Lexi for telling us about what you are doing in Student Council.
    Thanks to Lexi and Hannah for being our class representative and looking at the Diversity Garden for us. And a big Thank you for everyone for being nice to me and everyone. I appreciate that you all support me when I’m sad or stumped on work. And thank you Mrs.Adamowicz for teaching our class so much and getting us ready for IRead. Thanks for teaching us because we have all gotten so smart over the past two years because of you.

    Thank you all,
    Mikey 🙂

  3. Dear Class,
    I really enjoyed being with you guys; you are AWESOME! (A-W-E-S-O-M-E awesome, awesome, totally!) It’s nice laughing and talking with you. Because of all of you, my experience in third and second grade was great! From sharing project to shouting out in class, I think we are all great students. Thanks to Mrs. Adamowicz too, for making these years so special. You all are so kind and supportive.
    Thanks you to all the representatives (Lexi, Brenton, and Hannah) for helping the school’s garden grow and updating the rest of us about what’s going on. The bullying thing was a success and the school garden is pretty. Again, thank you!
    -Ria 🙂
    P.S. I’m sad to be leaving all of you 😦

  4. Dear Class,

    Being in 2nd and 3rd grade with you guys was super fun! There are good things about every single one of you- Brenton and Lexi were great student council reps, Hannah and Lexi were terrific Diversity Gardeners, Ria, Maddy, Annie, and Anna were awesome electronic newspaper reporters with me, Olivia, Cassidy, Annie, and Katie all introduced us into Keynote and became tech experts, and everyone else were amazing friends!
    Congratulations to everyone who recieved an award at the ceremony. Even for people who didn’t get one, I bet you deserved one! Thanks to people who checked my blog posts, played with me at recess, helped me to better understand things, like using ipad apps, and who were just plain nice and caring. In other words, you guys are great classmates!
    I know I’ll be at the Catalina Pool this summer. I hope everyone moving on to fourth grade has great summer plans. I’ll miss you all, and have a great summer! See you next year!

    – Helen B. 🙂 ❤

  5. Dear Classmates,
    Im going to miss you. Even know i’m going to see some of you next year. Say I if your going to miss third grade. We’ll all done good. I’m going to miss you guys. Some of you have been nice. I’ve been
    nice to you
    You should be nice to me. I know were one of you live Brenton. So you guys have a goos summer. I had nice year. Some of you are going to summer school with me. Awsome!!! I hope you have a good summer.
    Also a good 4th of July. I had a good time. Last year 2nd grade I had a blast with you guys. Even Pip,A.J, and Ryland was not there. I still had a good time. I’m going to miss you, and have great summer.

    Your friend,
    Logan 😀

  6. Dear Class,
    I’ve enjoyed this third grade year with all of you! You’ve made my school year really great because all of you were nice, kind, and playful with me this year! One of my favoeite classes in school was literature circles because discussing a book is a lot of fun! One of my favorite memories was the Univerity Singers because I felt the beat a lot! When we had the pizza party for IREAD, that was really fun because together we accomplished hard work, and that makes me feel proud! For those of you who observed my strings concerts, I appreciate that because I felt that you all were watching me do something extraordinary. Katie, Brenton, Logan, Cassidy, Ryland, and Me were great strings students because playing an instrument like a violin, a viola, or a cello was hard work, but lots of FUN!! Lexi and Brenton were great Student Council presentors because they both said what they needed to say with confidence. I will miss all of you, and I hope you all have a great summer vacation!
    Your 3rd grade student,

  7. Dear Class,
    You’ve been an awesome class.
    Making me laugh everyday was awesome.
    Why I think all you guys are awesome is because you have great personalities.
    That is why everyone in my class is awesome.

    Also everybody in the class is athletic.
    Why I think everybody in or class is athletic is because in gym we all run laps.
    That is why I think every in or class I athletic.
    Also why I think people in or class are really athletic is because when ever we are doing something you never give up.

    Now there are many more things that I could write about but this was my favorite.
    Everybody is caring.
    Why I think everybody is caring is because when ever somebody gets hurt a person from our class goes and helps them.
    Also when we read books to the kindergardeners.
    That also was a caring thing.

    So you guys and girls are awesome,athletic,and caring!

    Your friend,

  8. Dear Class,
    We have had an excellent (two) year(s) together!
    At least in my opinion! I think that we have improved
    not only our brains, but our friendship together. There
    were some new students this year, and I still can’t
    believe it is our last day of school!
    I also can’t believe that we aren’t going to be with
    Mrs, Adamowicz anymore! If you are reading this Mrs.
    A. please just let me say that I will miss you so much!
    There hasn’t been one day in these two years that I
    came home mad, because there was nothing to be mad
    about. You are just a fun-filled soul!
    This year has been amazing and I just can’t bear to
    see it go away. I hope that I can keep in touch with every
    one of the students in this classroom.
    Your classmate,
    Maddy M. 🙂

  9. May 30, 2012
    Dear Classmates,
    I had a really fun time with you. I loved how we read to the Kindergardeners as a class. I have lots of memories with you guys. My favorite memory with you guys was the doggie picnic or the pizza party. I can’t decide. I’m really sad I have to leave you guys. We had really good reps for Diversity Garden and Student Council. I hope some people from this class are together again. A lot of people know how to run the whole iPad. Some people did strings and some people didn’t. I will miss Ms. Jenkins. Have a great summer everyone!
    Your classmate,
    Katie 😉

  10. Dear class,

    I had a lot of fun!! I think that Annie is good
    at checking blog posts. Breton and Lexi did a great
    of explaining what was going on in Student

    Thank you Helen for helping me spell words.
    Thank you Grant for bench kicking for me in kickball.
    This was a great start to Indiana.

    Your freind,

  11. Dear class,
    I going to miss you guys so much.
    I can’t wait till I see you guys again. I still have some good memories like our Chrismas
    party, and our friends in our classes birthday.
    I remember all of the fun times when we went on a feild trip.
    It was so fun! I see you guys mostly everyday.
    I wish I could see you guys over the summer if I can.
    Some of you guys help me with things I need, and
    some people be so nice to me that I want to be
    their friend. All of us had bad times like
    Briggs leaving, but we still had good times.

    Your friend,
    Grant 🙂

  12. Dear Class,
    This year was a great year. I want to thank Ria, Maddy, Helen, Anna,
    Annie for writing the class newpaper there were so very cool things in the newpaper. And I wanted to thank Mrs.Adamowicz for being a great teacher!!!!! :)I loved everyone’s great dog presentation.
    I loved the midwest presentations too. I think you guys are very kind because you guys help people a lot. You guys are AWESOME classmates. I will miss you so much.
    Have the best summer EVER!!!

    Your friend,

  13. Dear Calss,
    It has been pleasure being in your class.
    A special thanks to Mrs.Adamowicz for being a awesome teacher!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    loved everyones midwest presentation and there dog presentation.
    I want to thank Ria,Helen, Maddy ,Anna and Annie for doing the newspapper it was interesting.
    I think you all are wonderful classmates and great friends.
    Have a great summer every body.
    I will see some people over the summer.
    Go owls by classmates have the best of your lives by.

    Your Friend,

  14. collin I like the whole class they are nice. I thank every one in our class that wanted to be my friend.
    The hole class help me with my dogy projecs, and my jernal. like My fraverit teacher.

  15. Dear class,
    Thank you for being so helpful and supportive! You would help me in things like when I fall down you would help me back up to when I would hit my head and get a concussion! Luckly, I have helpful supportive classmates and that has not happened!
    Mrs. Adamowicz you I have to admit you are the best teacher in the whole world! Wait, the whole universe! Thank you for being such a good teacher!

    Olivia 🙂

    P.S. I will miss all of you!!!

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