Welcome to the 2011/2012 school year! We have an exciting year ahead of us as we dive head first into the BLS20/20Vision 1:1 iPad initiative! My hope is that this blog will keep you connected with our classroom, so stop by our site regularly!

Please visit twitter.com and follow me karynn37 and BLS2020Vision. We will periodically tweet about our explorations and learning. I will also use Twitter as a platform for simple reminders, so check it daily!

Indiana Department of Education

Please check out information about our brand new science curriculum from Discovery Education!

Daily Arrival/Dismissal

Classroom doors open at 7:45 am daily. We begin math groups promptly at 8:00 am. Elementary students dismiss at 3:00 pm.


Weather permitting, we will have outdoor recess all year. Please dress your child appropriately for the weather, including sneakers.

Owl Folder

Owl folders will be sent home daily.  Your child’s planner, inside the Owl folder, will include each week’s assignments. It is your child’s responsibility to get your signature each day, after s/he has shared their Owl folder with you and/or has completed his/her assignments.

Other Important Information

Medical and dental appointment pick-ups must go through the office. You will pick your child up at the Burris office and sign them out. Notes are needed from the doctor or dentist.

Burris has a visitor policy. You are a welcome part of our classroom! If you would like to visit or volunteer please let me know! For SAFETY all visitors must wear the visitor identification pass! Our classroom door is frequently closed for our safety and to avoid noise in the hallway.

 Please call the main office if your child is ill (285-1131). If you are late picking your child up, your child will wait for you in the Burris office. If your child is absent more than one day, I am happy to provide work to be completed at home.


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  1. dear mrs adomowiz,
    I finaly get to make a commet on your website.I just wanted to say that I already have all my homework finished so then I can go home and watch a movie and play.I fell more confident with the lattice multipacation.

  2. Lattice is a really fun method, and so is partial products. I am still confused with
    the Egyptian method, but math is really fun. I hope we dig deeper into division,
    too, Mrs. Adamowicz. I love math, though.
    Ria 😉

    P.S. When is our next college teacher lesson? I love learning with them.

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